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The merging of OHS expertise and ServiceM8 awesomeness.

Effective Hazard Management brings the OHS Expertise

Even though workplace OH&S is an obligation it shouldn’t be a thorn in the side of your business. When workplace OHS is done well it fits in to the way you and your teamwork and adds value to your business.

Simple, effective OHS systems don’t cost you time and money by bogging you down in meaningless paperwork, in fact the exact opposite. They support you and your teams to work more efficiently, saving you time and money, and reassure your insurer that you are a ‘low risk’ business within your industry.

Founded in 2004 by two experienced OH&S professionals with different areas of specialisation, who just happen to be husband and wife, Effective Hazard Management understands workplace OH&S requirements. From sole trader to large mining and construction contracts the EHM team love little more that supporting businesses to implement OHS systems that work for them without all the faffing about.

As a business owner you are legally obligated to provide a ‘safe system of work’, why not make it easy on yourself?

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Simplifi brings the digital know-how.

As a Silver ServiceM8 partner and working daily in the software with clients around Australia, the benefits of streamlining many aspects of OHS into this platform are huge! We love working with clients to maximise their ServiceM8 setup – making sure it delivers the most time savings and business improvements as possible.

Using “ServiceM8 Forms” opens up a whole new world of capabilities and this is where digital OHS and more importantly – your job-based OHS system becomes as easy as clicking a few buttons. Your team’s task hazard analysis and management, and the tracking responsibilities you have as a business owner occur within each job. The job instructions and safety awareness management are effectively combined on the job, and the paperwork is completed without additional effort. Whats more, we’ll also utilise the Job Reminders function to help you manage your higher-level OHS responsibilities, so as a business owner, it’ll be hard to miss key OHS requirements.

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