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We help you create an effective OHS toolkit that you can easily implement and activate in your business.

WHY digital OHS?

Occupational Health and Safety is everyone’s business. As an employer, you have an obligation to provide your employees with a safe place to work, and as an employee, we all want to go home safely at the end of the day.

Nobody wants to be the person who has to knock on the door to tell loved ones that their someone special is not coming home.

Every workplace incident is avoidable. Although, sometimes it feels like systems that are intended to help, feel like the tail is wagging the dog. The multitudes of policies, procedures, forms and paperwork cloud getting the task done. It feels like compliance is more important than actually making our tasks safer.

What if there was a system that was designed to fit in with your work practices? A system that encourages safe thinking about tasks; leads workers to identify hazards and implement the controls in place… and the paperwork just happens in the background.

A simple and effective OHS Management System.

OHS Consultants


Compliance based OHS systems can cost you time and money by bogging you down in meaningless paperwork. We love little more that supporting businesses to implement OHS systems that work for you without all the faffing about.

Digital Experts & ServiceM8 Partners

All about making life easy

We love ServiceM8 and streamlining sometime tedious processes. Working the two together makes job-based OHS tasks easier and helps you keep track of your ongoing OHS responsibilities.


A great OHS compliance toolkit for small trade businesses.

  • OHS Consultation – An initial consultation to learn about your business and build your digital OHS system. Each year you’ll get an additional 1hr 1-on-1 online/phone OHS Consultation to make sure you stay current.

  • Base OHS Policies, Procedures & Registers – Supplied upfront for you to tweak. PDF/Word/Excel documents. Always available through our secure client website.

  • Checklists, Forms, Templates & Recurring Jobs on ServiceM8 – All this available at your fingertips in your own ServiceM8 account. Note you must connect to Simplifi as one of your ServiceM8 partners for this to happen.

If you are a medium-to-large business, have more complex risks, or use a different Job Management software platform, please chat to us for a more appropriate solution.


We learn about your business in order to put together your business’ digital OHS System – phone/online (1hr).

Simplifi offer a review of your ServiceM8 account:

  • Foundation Members: The review relates specifically to the features utilised by your digital OHS System
  • Core Members: A basic desktop review of the way you’re currently using ServiceM8, plus an actionable list of improvement opportunities
  • Specialty Members: A review of the way you’re currently using ServiceM8, plus an actionable list of improvement opportunities

Company Policies, Procedure Templates, Registers and Forms relevant for your business, supplied in the appropriate format/s (ie, PDF/Word/Excel) covering the requirements highlighted in the initial consultation. A sample list of documents included:

  • Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) Policy
  • Business Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Hazard & Risk Management
  • Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • Hazardous Substances Management
  • Job Specific Safe Work Procedure Templates 
  • Job Hazard (Safety) Analysis
  • Fatigue Management 
  • Safe Work Method Statement Templates

*Core and Specialty Members can have larger registers incorporated into ServiceM8, for easier entry and review.

^ServiceM8 Premium and ServiceM8 Premium Plus accounts utilise “Knowledge” to provide access for staff to these policies.

Company Checklists, Forms, Templates in ServiceM8 including:

  • Job Hazard Analysis – JSA/JHA
  • Personal on-site Risk Assessment – Take 5/Take 2
  • Recurring OHS inspections / tasks in ServiceM8
  • Alerts for key answers (when a worker indicates a task is unsafe, Admin will receive a notification)
Online access to digital OHS member’s content to keep you up to date with all legislative changes and how they may affect you.

Additional tailored OHS consultation and ServiceM8 checklists, forms, registers are available. Additional fees applicable.

Need help writing your procedures and putting together your training requirements? We can help with that, too.

Make sure your business’ digital OHS System continues to be current and relevant. Our Annual 1hr OHS discussion & risk assessment review will help keep you on track.


Your digital OHS subscription is tailored to your business requirements. We have developed simple, yet flexible solutions based on the size of your business, the activities you undertake and the clients you serve. By focusing on businesses like yours, we have created 3 packages to help offer the right solution for tradie businesses Australia-wide.

These packages reflect the policies that are required, the number of hazards requiring management, and the complexity of managing them. If you’re unsure which is right for your business, it’s OK, we’ll guide you through.

If your business doesn’t fit into one of our boxes, we can also package up a solution just for you.

Find out more and Get Started, or Sign Up to one of our packages below.

DIY Documents

$149monthly (ex GST)
  • A DIY Toolkit including basic Policy Documents, Procedure Templates, Static Registers, Forms and Activity Reminders.
  • Activity: Electricians, Plumbers
  • Customers: Residential and Commercial

DIY Basic Automation

$249monthly (ex GST)
  • Automate your DIY Documents Toolkit with all required Forms added to ServiceM8, and Registers created automatically.
  • Activity: Other Trades and Services
  • Customers: Industrial and Government

Team Focussed

$399monthly (ex GST)
  • Focus your team on the content within your automated procedures. Processes to develop OHS training based on your OHS results.
  • Activity: Any Low Risk Industry*
  • Customers: Construction and Other



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